Mobile parking meter

Reinventing parking meter in Latam

We helped Uarp not only to create a product but also to define their value proposition.


iOS, Android and Web


Product building, Branding and Development


Designer, UX Analyst, Product Owner, Mobile developer, Web developer


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Starting with the flow

Before starting with the design process, we jumped into the flow architecture definition. Due to the context where users will use the App, we made focus on creating a straight path for every action to accomplish by the user.

Paper first

Once the flow architecture was defined, we proceed with the App design. We started first drawing the screens in a paper in order to be able to fast iterate and try with different versions without spending time making changes in a high fidelity design.

The key is on being fast and repeat the process: design, discuss, iterate, repeat!

Low fidelity wireframes

With paper wireframes finished, we count on the main elements of every screen. This allows us to proceed with digital higher fidelity wireframes, but not proceeding with the final design yet.

In this stage, we go deeper into what kind interactions every screen will have, and discuss the result with our developers in order to make sure we are not thinking on doing something extremely difficult to code, to the level of effect the project deadline and budget.

High fidelity design

Now that the flow and all screen elements are defined, we started with the high-quality final design.

Here, the goal was to create a high visual impact design but keeping a simple UI in order to not confuse users when trying to park their cars.


Uarp has different products for different users that make part of the parking meter system.

In order to maintain a consistency trough these platforms, we create a design system focused on simplicity.

A design system to create
consistency trough different platforms
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"Working with Paisanos didn't felt like working with a provider, we really make a team joining our business expertise and their experience thinking, designing and shipping digital products."

Co-Founder & CEO in Uarp
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